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Ohana means Family...

We know, we know! We are a little behind! Several people have asked in recent weeks how things are going and we are happy to report that things are moving along splendidly, albeit a bit slower than originally planned (but only by a few weeks).

October has arrived. Leaves are falling. Pumpkin spice is in the air. And chunky sweaters abound.

As many know, we've been working through our Gestational Carrier contract. This contract went back and forth a couple times with only minor changes in language. Everything was straightforward and easy to negotiate. When you've got the best team of lawyers in this line of law in Minnesota, you've got to expect their schedules are a bit busy. This was certainly true for our team, but we are happy to report that after 6 weeks of time, our contract has officially been signed! Although it may have taken a bit longer than we anticipated, we are beyond thrilled to be done with this task. This was a BIG item to check off our list!

Let the experiment... BEGIN!

Now that all parties have signed that they are on board, it's time to science the heck out of this! Starting over the last couple weeks, our GC began daily injections to start prepping her body for implant. Those injections will continue and more will be added along with another a few drugs as we get closer.

All this to say that we have a Transfer Day on the calendar. This date is of course a bit in the air until after her second appointment to confirm her body is adapting as expected. If all is well, mid-November should be a very exciting time for our households. Having this date on the calendar is a monumental step that definitely brought tears to our eyes after we got the call from our coordinating nurse at CRM.

I can't give pudge tuna! Do you know what tuna is?

In the world of third-party pregnancy, Transfer Day has many different symbols for good luck. One of those symbols is the pineapple! A few studies have shown a possible link to increased success if the carrier eats pineapple the day before, the day of, and the day after Transfer Day. To help support this symbol, people wear pineapples on their clothing such as shirts and socks. As such, we encourage you to wear pineapples in support of us and our efforts over the next month or so.

Another common phrase is to "Think Sticky Thoughts" in hopes for the embryos to stick and implant properly. While we aren't sharing our actual Transfer Date publically, we would ask you all to be thinking your stickiest thoughts over the next month as well.

Speaking of dates....

We would like to officially announce the event we teased last post. We will be hosting an event we are calling The Sutton Special Broadway Show Spectacular, coming February 5, 2022. This event is will feature a variety of musical numbers performed by us, featuring a few special guests and some pretty neat special effects. It is currently planned to be in-person here in the Twin Cities (as COVID precautions will allow), with a streaming, virtual option for anyone wishing to join from elsewhere.

Many more details will follow, but you're sure in for Sutton Special. As we mentioned before, this will largely be a Thank You to those that have already given, but will of course offer a few extras for those wondering how else they can support our efforts.

We are beyond grateful for all you've done thus far to get us to this peak of our own little Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride. You've truly helped our family with your hunka hunka burning love.

Elvis Presley was a model citizen. I've compiled a list of his traits for you to practice. Number 1... is dancing!


Oct 19, 2021

I love hearing from you guys!!! Many good vibes over the next few weeks!!! Hugs!

Oct 19, 2021
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