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In Summer!

Where has the summer gone? Seriously. Bees abuzz, kids blowing dandelion fuzz. Time seems to just slip between your fingers like whatever snow does in summer!

Every step this summer along our journey toward fatherhood feels a bit like the engagement of Anna and Hans. Surprisingly swift. However unlike that fateful duo, neither of us is a conniving, manipulative jerk who just wants to rule a kingdom.

Special Delivery

In early June we signed our embryo contract! Not sure if you know, but transferring embryos across the country is a surprisingly easy thing to do, though a logistical nightmare that we are certainly glad we had experts on-hand to take the reins. Our lil guys were shipped from Oregon via FedEx (no, seriously) in a cryotank that is under constant remote supervision. The temperature is closely watched throughout the journey and the tank's vertical position is even monitored to ensure the embryos don't tip more than a couple degrees from upright. The transfer company even had immediate access to the delivery person and could call in a moments notice to rectify any potential danger to our embryos. As of the end of July, our embryos arrived safely at our clinic in Minneapolis!

Into the Unknown

Individual Psych Sessions? Check!

Group Psych Sessions? DONE!

Medical Screening for our GC and her husband? You guessed it... CRYSTAL CLEAR. (ya know, like ice. Get it?)

While we say that casually, it's a monumental step forward in this process. Medical screening was really the last step before we can begin prepping for implant (with the exception of lawyer contracts).

Over the last few weeks, we have had some back and forth with our third party pregnancy lawyer. The gestational carrier contract, 31 pages filled with plenty of legal, financial and gestational jargon, took us a while to comb through but after a consultation with our lawyer to make a few tweaks, the contract was delivered to our GC, her husband, and their lawyer last week! Once they've taken the time they need to review and all parties are satisfied, we all sign and we are ready to start preparation for implant!

The lead up to implant can be rigorous and we can't express how grateful we are for the gift that our GC has agreed to be the biggest part of. Injections, medications, tricking her body into thinking it's pregnant, all while suppressing her own ovaries from expelling her own genetic material. Ya know, all the normal things one does while trying to get pregnant. It's a lot to ask and can be a pretty trying time.

It's hard to imagine that a matter of months ago we put out the idea to our clinic of implanting in mid-October. In that meeting, we were told that it was an aggressive timeline but not totally unrealistic. However, through a lot of hard work and a couple miracles (Sean can be pretty persuasive and persistent), October seems well within reach and a very likely scenario!

Recently, we've been asked "How else can we help?" and honestly we can say that our friends, family, coworkers, and relatives have all come through strongly. We do have an event we are in the midst of planning for later this winter. It will be announcing soon, but it will be a sort of "Thank You" from us for all you've done to help along the way (with a couple fun, new ways you can continue to support if you want!). Check out our Fundraising page to see a couple hints as to what it might be! ;)

Thank you and stay safe!



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